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Ash Scattering

Scattering of ashes at sea

Family & loved ones can say their farewells together aboard our comfortable and stable sea safari RHIBS. 

Departing the picturesque Dover Marina, we head out towards the iconic White Cliffs of Dover.

Our skipper and crew will take care of you all and help you choose the spot where you would like to say your farewells.

Upon reaching your chosen spot, we shut down the engines, step back and give you and your loved ones time and space to say goodbye in your chosen way. 


At the moment of scattering, your Skipper will note the exact time and co-ordinates which are presented to you in the form of a certificate. With these co-ordinates you could return to the exact spot year on year, laying flowers, scattering petals or for just a quiet little chat to your loved one!

After the scattering many families then wish to finish with a close up tour of the famous white cliffs, bringing a lighted hearted ending to this special trip.

Please do contact us with any questions you may have about ash scattering.

01304 805 799

If you need to discuss suitable types of Urns please contact Darren at Urns for Ashes.

01865 600207

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