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How many people do you need for a trip to go ahead?

We run with a minimum of 4 adults, maximum of 12.

Can I book and pay online at anytime?

You may book a safari and use our secure payment facility 24/7 on our website or call the office during working hours. 01304 212 880

Is there a cancellation charge?

Bookings and gift vouchers will not be refunded or exchanged unless bad weather prevents the trip.

I want to go on a trip but there is not one on the website?

Give us a call or send us a message via email and we will try to put on what you would like to do.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather is unsuitable for sailing then the Dover Sea Safari team will cancel the safari within half an hour prior to departure time.  It is vital that you give us your contact details, such as mobile telephone number, so that we can contact you at short notice.
It is the descretion of the Skipper as to whether we sail. The Skippers decision is final.
We will reschedule your booking for another time. 

Can I get a refund for a cancelled Safari?

Only if cancelled by us due to adverse windy weather.

How far ahead can I book for the next season?

You can go to our website and book safari’s online, or give us a call to make a booking right through to the end of the following season. 

Who can't travel?

Generally everyone can travel with us....although please note: if you are pregnant, or have any historical/current backbone/neck pain or injury, we suggest you don't!

Is the experience suitable for young children?

Yes, from the age of 3yrs.
All children must wear the child life-jackets that we supply. The Skipper will take sea conditions into account before allowing infants to travel.

What should I wear?

Generally it is a lot colder at sea than on land. Layers of clothes should be worn as opposed to one or two thick layers. It is also advisable to wear headgear and we would ask that our passengers would wear flat-heeled shoes. Dover Sea Safari can provide you with splash gear however we are not liable in the event of your own clothes underneath getting damaged. We will of course also supply the all important mandatory life-jackets.

What should I do if I have Covid symptoms on the day of my trip?

If you or any of your party are experiencing symptoms of Covid that will prevent you from attending, we must receive written notification no later than 9am on the day of your trip to to qualify for rescheduling. We will require proof of a positive test if you are requesting to reschedule within 24hrs of your departure.

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