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Maunsell Forts

4 Hour round trip from the Port of Dover.

We've bought this trip back for 2022 after so much demand having dropped it over the past couple of years.


Like a scene from War of the Worlds or Star Wars!......


Leaving the coastline behind us at the North Foreland, we head out around the Margate Sands and in to the Thames Estuary, where these sci-fi type structures appear on the horizon.


the army forts......

Heading west, the first set of forts we come across are the Shivering Sands Forts. Getting up close enough to count the rusty rivets you'll be able to photograph the towers in details whilst we tell you their history.

time for a cuppa......

After spending time at the Shivering Sands Forts we then head over to the even more eerie Red Sands Forts. Time for a cuppa tea before making for home via the Kentish Flats wind farm.


4hrs in duration.

£90.00 per person.

Group booking is available.

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