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Kayak or paddleboard England to France

Unorthodox Crossings

Approved English Channel kayak or paddleboard English Channel crossings

Planning on crossing the English Channel to raise money for a good cause or just to tick an item from your bucket list ?.....let us help you achieve it safely and legally.

Did you know it's actually illegal to cross over the French side of the English Channel in anything other than a 'proper' vessel?

Over the years, many crossing attempts have been made with the wrong planning and the wrong kind of support, if any...........Resulting in tragedy or serious trouble with the authorities.

The English Channel is home to the busiest shipping lanes in the world. It has been likened to crossing the M25 motorway during rush hour.

We have worked hard to become and proud to be one of the very few approved English Channel piloting companies that the French Authorities will permit across and even land on the French shores.

Using our years of local knowledge and experienced English Channel Skippers. We will help you to plan, execute and escort you in whatever way you wish to make this challenging crossing.

With the strong tides, busy shipping lanes and the French Authorities, don't risk getting in to problems before it's too late! 


Approved Pilotage

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