Goodwin Sands
Goodwin Sands
Dover Sea Safari trips to Goodwin Sands
Join us for a unique 3hr adventure, not only out to, but on to the sands for approx 45mins.
Dover Sea Safari will take you out on the Dover Explorer and transfer you by tender on to the Goodwin Sands.
Where we will let you roam free (with good advice!) and get up to whatever you'd like to do!
Cricket on the Goodwin Sands
Why not follow the tradition first started in the summer of 1824, Captain K. Martin, then the Harbourmaster at Ramsgate, instituted the proceedings of the first known cricket match on the Goodwin Sands.
To our knowledge this has died out since the Hovercraft stopped running all those years ago. It's time to restart the tradition with monthly summer matches.
Dover Sea Safari trips to the Goodwin Sands
Seals and Wrecks
Spot the abundant seals to be found basking on the Sands or look for the remains of the many wrecked ships that can become exposed from time to time with the shifting sands.
Whatever it is you would like to do, we will allow you roughly 1hr to explore before setting home via the White Cliffs of Dover.
When are the next available trips?

Wed 16th July

Mon 11th August

Tues 12th August

Thurs 14th August
Depart Dover 0740

Sat 16th August

Sat 11th October
Depart Dover 0700

Sun 10th August

Mon 11th August

Wed 13th August
Depart Dover 0700

Fri 15th August
Departs Dover 0820

Sat 13th September
Depart Dover 0800
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Sun 12th October
Depart Dover 0700

Booking info.
  • You may book online or directly with us.
  • All bookings must be made in advance.
  • All bookings must be paid for at the time of booking.
  • Private charter of the whole boat is available.
  • Trip is very dependant on the weather conditions. An alternative date or full refund will be offered if cancelled due to weather conditions.
  • This is a real adventure so please do expect to get wet, so dress accordingly.
  • We recommend you bring a dry set of clothes.
  • Please only wear shoes that you are happy to get wet.
  • For safety, do not wear welly boots or waders that can fill with water.
  • We are not offering you a luxury cruise so a reasonable level of joint flexibility is required!!